Business Guide of

the Dominican Republic

The legal guide of businesses of the Dominican Republic is a document created by the Federation of European Cameras of Commerce of the Dominican Republic and the office of Lawyers Pellerano & Herrera, same this to disposition of all company or person interested in establishing commercial relations with the Dominican Republic.

Business Guide




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Business Information

AC Systems in the DR Fish in the DR
Agricultural Products in the DR Fishing and Scuba Diving in the DR
Air Cargo Services in the DR Flower Distributors in the DR
Airports in the DR Frozen Food in the DR
Aluminum Producers in the DR Fruit Producers and Exporters in DR
Art Crafts Shops in the DR Furniture and Mattresses in the DR
Associations and Organized Groups in the DR Glass Bottle Suppliers in the DR
Auto Parts Distributors in the DR Hand tool stores in the DR
Automobile Dealerships in the DR Hospitals and Clinics in the DR
Avocado Producers in the DR Hotels and Resorts in the DR
Banks in the DR Insurance Companies in the DR
Beer Producers in the DR Jewelry and Amber Shops in the DR
Bicycle Distributors in the DR Juice Packing in the DR
Blocks for Construction in the DR Law Firms in the Dominican Republic
Bottled Water Manufacturers in the DR Leather Producers in the DR
Cocoa Exporters in the DR Liquor Distributors in the DR
Cap Manufactures in the DR Museums in the DR
Car Rentals in the DR Paper Producers in the DR
Cement Producers in the DR Pet-Shops in the DR
Chambers of Commerce in the DR Pharmaceutical Laboratories in the DR
Childrenwear Shops in the DR Plastic Distributors in the DR
Cigar Manufacturers & Exporters in the DR Poultry and Eggs in the DR
Coffee Producers in the DR Real Estate in the DR
Computer Services in the DR Rice Factories in the DR
Construction Materials in the DR Steel Producers in the DR
Couriers Services in the DR Tire and Trim Importers in the DR
Custom Agencies in the DR TV Channels in the DR
Electrical Materials in the DR Vegetable Producers and Exporters in the DR
Embassies and Consulates in the DR Veterinaries in the DR
Exchange Agencies in the DR  



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Economic Information


Latin America and the Caribbean:  Gross Domestic Product

(Average Percentage Rate)

Source: ECLAC

The Dominican Republic has been the leader in growth in Latin America.  During the period 1994-2003, GDP grew at an average rate of 5.3%.


Trade Statistics
United States Exports and Imports (US$ Million, 2002)


 Source:  U.S. Census Bureau

The Dominican Republic is the United States fifth trading partner in Latin America.  Total trade accounted US$8.4 billion in 2002. 


US Exports to Dominican Republic via major selected states 2001
(in millions of US dollars)


By state, Florida is the 1st trading partner of the Dominican Republic in the United States.  Most of the flow of goods and services is via Florida, followed by Puerto Rico. Louisiana, and North Carolina.


Foreign Exchange Revenues
As of June  2002

The Dominican Republic has a diversified and dynamic foreign exchange revenues base which include tourism, remittances, maquila exports, traditional and non-traditional exports and growing FDI.


Tourism by Country of Origin

Total visitors 2002= 3,179,869

The Dominican Republic is currently the major tourist attraction in the Caribbean with ideal and diverse destinations throughout the country. The tourist industry in the Dominican Republic offers more than 54,000 hotel rooms.  Tourist arrivals from the United States accounted 27.8%, Canada 12.0%, France 8.3%, Spain 5.9%, among the most important.  The Dominican community living abroad represented 31.3% in 2002.


Judicial System

The Dominican judicial system is based mainly on the French regime. The same one is exerted by the following courts:


The Supreme Court of Justice composed by sixteen judges, is the supreme court of the country. It can modify the sentences pronounced by other courts, but only in which it relates to the legality of them.

There are other specialized courts that are in charged of the administrative, labor, fiscal subjects, traffic and registry of property, they are:

The Courts of Appeal, The Court of First Instance and The Courts of Peace.


The members of the Supreme Court of Justice are appointed by the National Council of the Magistrature, where the rest of the judges are selected by the Supreme Court of Justice.


For further information on the Dominican Judicial System please visit:


Supreme Court of Justice        :

Office of the Attorney General :



Governmental Websites



Presidency of the Dominican Republic
Senate of the Dominican Republic
House of Representatives
Supreme Court of Justice


Secretary of Agriculture
Secretary of Industry and Commerce

Secretary of Culture
Secretary of Education
Secretary de Finance
Secretary of Culture
Secretary of Women
Secretary of Armed Forces
Secretary of Public Works
Secretary of Foreign Relations
Secretary of Public Health and Social Assistance
Secretary of Labor
Secretary of Tourism
Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources
Technical Secretary of the Presidency

Central Bank of the Dominican Republic
 Governmental Information Center
Center of Export and Investment of the Dom. Rep.
National Council for Drugs Control
National Council of Superior Education
National Free Zones Council
General Direction of Customs
General Direction for Aeronautics
General Direction of Taxes
General Direction for Migration

Dominican Institute for the Telecommunications

Dominican Electoral Board
National Police

General Attorney's Office
Superintendence of Banks
Electricity Superintendence
Insurance Superintendence
National Treasury







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